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Order Mobile Data Packages for Roaming

With your mobile phone browser please visit the following website

Depending on your destination please slide the map to the left side until you see either EU or Other countries. Then touch to Add data package:


Search your destination country within the country list and choose the appropriate entry. You can also type the name of the country to the search field and choose it from the search results

On the next screen choose Invoice to company, to charge the cost of the data package to the regular billing.

Now you can choose your appropriate data package that covers your need

Check your current Data Roaming Costs

With your mobile phone browser please visit the following website

On the start screen of the cockpit site please choose the tab Cost Check
At the bottom of the Cost check page you can also limit your maximal roaming cost. We suggest to set this value to CHF100 and increase it in case you need more roaming capability. In case you get close to the roaming cost limit you set before, you receive a SMS.

How to avoid excessive Data Roaming Costs

  • Turn of the mobile data service or disable data roaming for your mobile phone. Mobile data service should only be activated when needed.
  • In case you use map applications for navigation or orientation on your mobile phone, please make sure that the satellite image layer is disable and you only enable graphically represented street and infrastructure view. Using satellite images on maps, a huge amount of bitmap data is downloaded.
  • Dismiss update request for your mobile phone software ore installed app and avoid installing new apps when mobile data service is enabled. Take care about updates when you have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network or when you are back in Switzerland.
  • Avoid sending pictures or videos when mobile data service is enabled.
  • Do not share your mobile data connection with your Windows or Apple Laptop since data usage is not controllable.
  • Please keep an eye on the SMS received by Swisscom which informs you about different roaming events and increasing roaming costs.
  • Please use available Wi-Fi hotspots when ever possible
  • Clarify the cost of the Wi-Fi network with the provider in advance.
  • Please note that public Wi-Fi-Networks are not trustworthy. All network traffic that is sent un-encrypted could be read by third party.
  • Receiving your E-Mails from the ETH server and when visiting websites with the https protocol (like data will be encrypted. Good practice is also to establish a VPN tunnel to the ETH (Cisco AnyConnect) right after you connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot so every data is encrypted transparently.
  • Best would be if you register for a data package before you enter a specific country
  • Also consider buying Voice Roaming Packages for your voice calls when needed. More informations can be found here:

Further instructions

Corporate Mobile Network (CMN)