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Electronic Event Calendar Collegium Helveticum CH

The Collegium’s (CH) Event Calendar contains all relevant events of the Collegium Helveticum as well as events in cooperation with the Collegium Helveticum which take either place at the Sternwarte (at Schmelzbergstrasse 25) or being held at external premises. The calendar is constantly set up-to-date according to the actual status of the event’s programm. In […]


Messages that have been classified as “spam” will be marked with “{SPAM?}” in the Subject: line.   If you would prefer that suspected spam messages are held in your MailCleaner quarantine, you may activate that function by going to and logging in with your ETH user name and ETH password for email (Active Directory). […]

Room reservation

Meeting rooms Booking procedure (short description) Book an appointment in your own calendar (Outlook or Webmail) at the desired time Invite the persons for the event Invite the meeting room Check in the “Schedule Assistant” whether a session room is free on the requested time Send the invitation The approvers are automatically requested to approve […]

How can I find out if this is spam?

– Topic plausible? No -> Spam/Phishing/Malware – Sender plausible? No -> Spam/Phishing/Malware – Does the subject match the sender? No -> Spam/Phishing/Malware Other points that may indicate spam/phishing/malware: – Does the language match the topic/sender? German/English? – Does the salutation fit? General or personal? – Does the text look as if it has been translated […]

Activate “Out of Office“

The following instructions show how the “Out of Office“-message is activated. 1. Open ETH-Webmail in your browser. 2. Enter nethz username and password. 3. Select “Set Automatic Replies” in “Options”.                   4. Write automatic response.             Please note: There are two input boxes, […]


The mailbox is composed of Mail, calendar, Contacts and Tasks. It is available on all current web browsers and mail clients. The service is available to all ETH Zurich employees, lecturers and students and is free of charge. Further instructions IT Knowledge Base: Mailbox  

Outlook calendar functions

You can share a calendar with a person or a group by selecting the icon for “share calendar”.  or  Start sharing Click on “To” to select the person or group with whom you want to share your calendar. A group can be a team (eg. a group distributionlist D -MTEC ISM) or a project group. […]

E-Mail distribution lists

To send all members of GESS an e-mail you can use these distibution lists: Description Outlook Display Name  E-Mail Address  Alle Personen im D-GESS  GESS.ALL These lists are not generated automatically, but maintained by the list owners of the GESS chairs and groups. They may contain also guests and persons that do not have […]