WiFi at ETH

Connect to WLAN «eduroam» oder «eduroam-5»

Connect to the Wi-Fi network eduroam (automatic, mobile on the go) or eduroam-5 (manual, stationary working place).


To connect, you have to enter your ETH username complemented by one of these three appendices: @gess.ethz.ch», «@gess-sipo.ethz.ch» or «@gess-afz.ethz.ch» as for instance “gugus@gess.ethz.ch”, or “hopla@gess-sipo.ethz.ch”.


To connect to a network (WLAN, VPN etc.) you need the network password.

How to connect

Please follow these instructions.

How to reset

Please follow these instructions if the connection is automatically established WITHOUT @gess.ethz.ch, @gess-sipo.ethz.ch or @gess-afz.ethz.ch or your system tries to connect with an old password.

Further instructions