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Messages that have been classified as “spam” will be marked with “{SPAM?}” in the Subject: line.


If you would prefer that suspected spam messages are held in your MailCleaner quarantine, you may

activate that function by going to and logging in with your ETH user

name and ETH password for email (Active Directory). Click “Configuration”, then click “Address

settings”, then select “retain in quarantine”, then click “Save”. Note that you may still receive

spam-tagged mail that has been sent to distribution lists.


The interface may also be used to add addresses or domains to your

personal blacklist or whitelist.


Information about MailCleaner, our filtering policy and addresses for reporting undetected spam,

phishing and virus messages may be found at:

See the MailCleaner section under “Instructions/FAQ/How-To”.


For further questions, please contact your local ISG or the ITS Service Desk.

Further instructions