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Add a printer (Windows)

Please note: Printing a page in color costs D-GESS 6 Rp/page, while a page in Black&White costs 1 Rp/page only!! Therefore, we strongly recommend to set the default of our printer preferences to Black&White (see further below). Please also have a look at print.ethz.ch There, you can make a webprint and also check your printing costs, even the environmental costs of your print activity! Printers Here you find your printer. Instructions Windows 10 Go to the search […]

Printer options (Mac)

For Nashuatec printers: Default modes are: colour – black and white; no staples and no punches Webprinting – Firefox and Safari Choose below the “Orientation” in the dropdown menu “Printer Features” In the dropdown menu of the “Feature Sets” you can set different printer options. E.g. with “Basic” you have the option to choose between color printing or black-white printing. Select your prefered printing mode in the “Color Mode”.   To get to the options […]