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Special WLAN

At ETH you will find different network ID assigned to the network access points:

eduroam / eduroam-5

Recommended for ETH members. see WLAN

Also for Visitors from universities using Eduroam may use this network to connect to the internet by providing there username and e-mail-domain of the home university (login@homeuniversity). For ETH members login is: <username> / <username> /<username> ETH members may use eduroam while visiting an other university.

eth / eth-5

Same login as SSID eduroam: in buildings/areas where the WLAN of ETH Zurich overlaps with the WLAN of another university (typically buildings shared in UZH/ETH or those that are close to each other, such as in Zurich City)


You may connect without providing a password or a username. It is open to anyone. Visitors with a VPN-Client to there home organisation may use this network and getting internet trough the home organisation. 


If you plan to use special devices to connect to the network (Internet of Things, IoT) please talk to us.