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New at ETH?

Welcome to ETH and the IT Services! The IT Services department supports education, research and administration by providing services relating to information and communication technology. It also runs the extensive infrastructure, information systems and applications required for this. Find all information about ETH IT Services here.

Fleet Policy

Hardware is acquired and financed centrally at D-GESS. The laptop stock comprises of models from Project Neptun. Desktop machines are purchased from Dell. With regards to Apple desktop machines, iMac hardware is continually be used. Special orders and their funding may be discussed with the support administrator. The operating time of our hardware is at […]

IT Guidelines

Information sheet on the IT agreement between IT services and D-GESS (PDF, 183 KB) (The PDF-document contains links which aren’t up to date anymore) In accordance with the “Agreement on the Support and Operation of IT Infrastructure at DGESS” (taking effect in mid-2010), the following provisions apply. The units of D-GESS are at liberty to […]

IT Services

IT support as well as hardware and software are regulated by a central framework agreement between the D-GESS department and the IT Services. Furthermore, D-GESS is a shareholder of Scientific IT Services since 2014. This move was prompted on the one hand by the spatial consolidation of the department in the IFW/RZ building and on the other […]