Category: Workplace

Lending of selected equipment

IT GESS Please contact us if you need special hardware to borrow – Laptop (Mac or Windows) – Mouse – Adapter (Display, Beamer, Network) – Persenter   Multimedia services Fore professional multimedia devices please have a look at the multimedia services Beamer Audio Rocorder Players Photo cameras Speaker Screens Microphones Mixer (Audio) Tripods Video Cameras […]

Moving the phone to another office

You have a standard phone Please contact the administrativ assistant of your group. Do not move nor disconnect the device. You have a IP based phone Please contact us and tell us the UTP number of the plug you want to use your phone with. We will prepare this connector. After the plug is activated […]

Phone, online configuration

You can easely configure your phone online with the help of your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome). (This is only possible with the IP phone “Open Stage 40”)   At the phone With your browser (when you got the IP number, see left column) First you have to find out the IP […]

Being abroad

You can be a long time away from the ETH with a managed Windows device. The power supply should work but you will need an adapter or different power cable. The warranty applies throughout the world. If you leave ETH for more then a month please contact us to get instruction, local admin rights and to […]