Category: Infrastructure

GESS meeting rooms

Sitzungszimmer CLD A 1 Sitzungszimmer CLD B 1 Sitzungszimmer CLD B 2 Sitzungszimmer GESS-ELKI IFW B 25.2 Sitzungszimmer GESS-Lounge Sitzungszimmer IFW E 42 Sitzungszimmer RZ F 1 Sitzungszimmer RZ F 21 RZ F 21 can only be reserved by D-GESS as follows: In FS each Thursday,  all day / Friday afternoon only In HS each Friday, all day […]

Room reservation

Meeting rooms Booking procedure (short description) Book an appointment in your own calendar (Outlook or Webmail) at the desired time Invite the persons for the event Invite the meeting room Check in the “Schedule Assistant” whether a session room is free on the requested time Send the invitation The approvers are automatically requested to approve […]

Rooms and buildings services

Service portals Real estate services portal Submit a report or an order related to buildings/rooms. Real estate services portal Orientation, buildings and plans You can find up-to-date floor plans, emergency exit plans and site maps plus information on buildings actively managed by public real estate managment at the new service orientation and plans Requests for rooms Classrooms, checking […]

A/V checkout service

MMS IS operates a leading service for A/V devices at the Main Campus and Hönggerberg campus. The service offers mobile devices for audio and video playback such as projectors, screens, speakers, microphones, audio recording devices, etc. The devices can be reserved via our WebShop or via email. The devices offered are state of the art […]

Electronic access authorisation

Electronic access authorisation The buildings IFW, RZ, CLD, CLV and CLW have an electronic access authorisation where the ETH Card has the function of an access badge. If the doors are closed they can be opend with a key or the ETH Card if you are authorized and if you set a PIN.   Authorized […]