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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is now available to all ETH employees free of charge. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about Google Workspace.


What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a set of services and apps for communication and collaboration that will facilitate collaboration inside and outside your organization. The most important apps are Google Calendar, Google Drive, Meet, Chat, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. All apps are accessible via the browser. Google Workspace will be available to all ETH members free of charge.


How do I subscribe to Google Workspace at ETH?

  • Carry out the Cloud Subscription in the IT Shop and wait until you have received the confirmation by email. Please note, there is a separate subscription for Google Workspace.
  • Go to
  • Note: If you are already signed in with another Google account, sign out from there or use another Google account.
  • When you are redirected to the Google login page, enter your ETH user name.


  • Click on the “waffle” icon in the top right corner to see the Google Workspace Apps.


Visit the support website for detailed instructions as well as more information about Google Workspace


Will Google Workspace replace Microsoft 365?

No. Google Workspace will complement, but not replace, the tools in Microsoft 365. Gmail is not part of ETH’s Workspace offering. Microsoft is the official platform for email and calendaring within ETH Zurich.


Why does IT Services provide both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace?

  • The IT Services ensure a controlled, secure and legally compliant use of the two external cloud services. For example, G-Drive data is stored in the EU.
  • Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cover requirements and specific use cases.
  • Both platforms support a variety of solutions which allows the collaboration with ETH staff, students, other universities, and external partners.


I already have a personal Google account. May I continue to use it?

Stop. Personal accounts, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, should not be used for processing and storing data and information in the ETH context.


May confidential data be edited or stored in Google Workspace?

No – while the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer of ETH Zurich) has issued an exemption for Microsoft 365, this has not yet been granted for Google Workspace.


Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud services are configured at ETH so they can be used in a secure and legally compliant way. The use of other cloud environments not managed by ETH exposes your data and the data of ETH Zurich to a high risk of compromise (more on protecting confidential data in Staffnet). The availability of two renowned cloud service providers and their platforms reduces the need to use other, unapproved cloud environments for your daily work.


These are ETH’s rules that govern the use of external cloud services: