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GESS meeting rooms

Sitzungszimmer CLD A 1
Sitzungszimmer CLD B 1
Sitzungszimmer CLD B 2
Sitzungszimmer GESS-ELKI IFW B 25.2
Sitzungszimmer GESS-Lounge
Sitzungszimmer IFW E 42
Sitzungszimmer RZ F 1
Sitzungszimmer RZ F 21

RZ F 21 can only be reserved by D-GESS as follows:

In FS each Thursday,  all day / Friday afternoon only

In HS each Friday, all day

The rest of the time window the Rectorate is in charge of the room RZ F 21.

Sitzungszimmer STD F 5

Rectorate rooms

Classrooms, checking room availability, making a reservation through the room reservation office administered by the rectorate.
Rectorate rooms

Booking procedure (short description)

  1. Book an appointment in your own calendar (Outlook or Webmail) at the desired time
  2. Invite the persons for the event
  3. Invite the meeting room
  4. Check in the “Schedule Assistant” whether a session room is free on the requested time
  5. Send the invitation
  6. The approvers are automatically requested to approve or reject the request
  7. The meeting room is booked as soon as the confirmation mail has arrived
  8. If the request was rejected, the own appointment must be deleted or adapted and the cancellation or change of the appointment must be sent to the invited persons

Detailed booking procedure