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Calculation options at D-GESS

D-GESS is a shareholder of Euler. We have access to nine fat compute nodes with 256GB of Ram and 10 TB Discspace (/cluster/project/gess/public). Euler is based on Linux. With Euler, Stata 13 MP may now be used with a graphic surface. Further information may be found here: Stata-WIKI Start using Euler: “Getting started with Euler” General information […]

Remote desktop and remote apps

“RDS” (Remote​ Desktop Servers) is a collaborative infrastructure project based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Application Virtualization Technologies. Its intent is to give all D-Biol, D-Gess, D-Hest and D-Mtec members access to a powerful, high-availability Windows-based remote desktop server infrastructure. The infrastructure is jointly operated and maintained by a team of IT responsibles from the stakeholder departments as well as ID members. Further […]

Being abroad

You can be a long time away from the ETH with a managed Windows device. The power supply should work but you will need an adapter or different power cable. The warranty applies throughout the world. If you leave ETH for more then a month please contact us to get instruction, local admin rights and to […]