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Install an Adobe product (private device) Windows

(If you do not have a licence for “Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps CC DC” yet, please order it in our IT-Shop. See these instructions!)

Open in a browser
Situation Action

Enter as Email address and click Continue

Repeat, enter your ETH password (mail) and click Sign in

Click View plan

Click Download

Click Install for the desired procuct

Click OK

Check “Remember my choice for aam links and click Open link.

Depending on the browser you use you will get a adifferent dialog

The procedure and the dialogs depend on the operating system and the browser as well and on the fact whether a program from the Adobe palette is already installed.


To install the software, you need local administrator privileges

Before installation can take place, the browser is used to check the authorization.

Sing in again

Go back to the previous dialog window

Select a level an continue

Start Installing


This dialog is automatically closed and the installed software opens (in this case Adobe Acrobat DC).

Choose to set the options or use recommended setting and skip setup.

You can install Adobe products on as many devices as you want, but you can only be logged in to Adobe and use the programs on two devices at a time.

If you are already signed in on two devices, you must sign out of at least one.

To open Adobe Acrobat DC and not Adobe Acrobat Reader when you double-click on a PDF file, you need to change the default application for PDF files.

Click Yes



Choose Adobe Acrobat DC



Adobe Acrobat DC is ready