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Request Internet Access (guest access)

To use the ETH wireless network you have to request the access. Connect your device to the WLAN “public” or “public-5” open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer) if it doesn’t open automatically Fill in your mobile number, accept the terms of use and click “Request access code” You will get a SMS with the access code Enter the code, click “Submit registraion” and access the internet  

Special WLAN

At ETH you will find different network ID assigned to the network access points: eduroam / eduroam-5 Recommended for ETH members. see WLAN Also for Visitors from universities using Eduroam may use this network to connect to the internet by providing there username and e-mail-domain of the home university (login@homeuniversity). For ETH members login is: <username> / <username> /<username> ETH members may use eduroam while visiting an other university. eth / eth-5 Same login as SSID eduroam: in […]

Wired network

You can connect to the wired network with the blue network cable. If you have a Open Stage telephone (WEV and SEC building), you can connect the network cable directly to the phone instead of the UTP connection in the wall. In your office there are several UTP connections, but not all are working. If you need additional connections or network cables, please contact us. If you have a computer managed by us, you will connect […]


WiFi at ETH Connect to WLAN «eduroam» oder «eduroam-5» Connect to the Wi-Fi network eduroam (automatic, mobile on the go) or eduroam-5 (manual, stationary working place). Username To connect, you have to enter your ETH username complemented by one of these three appendices:», «» or «» as for instance “”, or “”. Password To connect to a network (WLAN, VPN etc.) you need the network password. How to connect Please follow these instructions. How to reset Please follow these instructions if the connection is […]


We provide a way to access the ETH campus network from outside the ETH. This is a requirement to access several IT services from outside ETH locations (i.e. when you are connected to the network of an external university, a hotel WiFi network or telecommunication provider network). The technique behind that is called VPN and stands for Virtual Private Network. Please note, after you have established a VPN tunnel all network traffic (also access to non-ETH […]

Internet abroad

WLAN SWITCHconnect EDUROAM – surfing at universities around the world: “Education Roaming” (eduroam) allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop. In just a few steps, they can surf the Internet free of charge via the local network of a foreign university and have access to the contents of their home organization. Typical registration formalities or guest access […]