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ETH Zurich uses Adobe Ex­pe­ri­ence Man­ager (AEM) for their of­fi­cial web­site con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem (WCMS/CMS), in­cor­po­rat­ing as a stan­dard, the of­fi­cial ETH cor­po­rate de­sign. Web con­tent is edited and main­tained in a de­cen­tralised fash­ion. Thus, or­gan­i­sa­tional units carry the in­di­vid­ual re­spon­si­bil­ity for their web­sites and cre­ate and up­date their con­tent them­selves.  General information (Web Consultant, author hotline, newsletter, Yammer group, corporate design, getting ETH web presence)  

Newsletter tool

The majority of modern newsletter tools are offered as a cloud solution. However, this means they do not meet the legal requirements of the ETH in regards to privacy. The IT Services group provides Inxmail, which is a tool that is hosted internally (the data is stored at ETH) and is connected to our database. Using Inxmail statistical data can be collected to create a market analysis. Other features of Inxmail include the ability to […]


Sympa is a mail list system that offers closed and open mail lists. Additionally it offers moderated and unmoderated discussion groups with searchable mail archives and a common storage area for exchanging files. Please find all information about Sympa here.


The IT Services has launched a new newsletter in 2013 under the name “inside|out”. “inside|out” appears three times annually in German and in English and focuses on three main IT topics. The ITS hopes the newsletter will allow outsiders a better awareness of its services and foster cooperation with other ETH members. Please visit inside|out.

Mobile phone

Order Mobile Data Packages for Roaming With your mobile phone browser please visit the following website Check your current Data Roaming Costs With your mobile phone browser please visit the following website How to avoid excessive Data Roaming Costs Turn of the mobile data service or disable data roaming for your mobile phone. Mobile data service should only be activated when needed. In case you use map applications for navigation or orientation on […]

Voice mail

You can use the Voice-Mail system as an answering machine, for messages, announcements and during absences. You can also use any telephone to access your calendar or check your emails. Following services are available: Telephone Answering Machine Delivery of voice messages as MP3 files directly in your mailbox Notification email for lost calls directly in your mailbox Voice access to your calendar and emails Specifications This service is available for all ETH employees with a […]


Phone guides Links to related instructions Voice communication (telephony) – Services & resources | ETH Zurich Voice Mail initial setup voice-mail-service-initial-setup-2016-en.pdf ( OpenScape CP600 Quick Reference Guide (     Further instructions Schnelleinstieg_OpenStage_40_SIP (PDF, 449 KB Telephony_Quick_Reference_Card_OpenStage_40_SIP (PDF, 440k) 

Web conferences and seminars

Web Conferencing can be used in the way of a bidirectional meeting between the attendees as well as a virtual seminar with a dedicated speaker/presenter (Webinars). If you want to create and run web meetings or webinars please contact us. We can provide and setup the necessary platform for you. Please use our Web form.