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How to add a calendar

If someone shared their calendar with you, you may add it into your Outlook. This is possible with Outllook for Windows, Outlook vor Mac or with Webmail (Outlook Web Access / (How to share a calendar.)

Webmail (Outlook Web Access / for WindwosOutlook Mac

Open Webmail

Enter username and password

Click the button with the squares

Choose Calendar


Click Add calendar


Choose From directory


Enter the name or the username of the person who shares the calendar

Use the field From directory

If the person doesn’t appear click Search Directory

Choose the correct one.

Click Open


Open Outlook and open the calendar

Right click in the navigation plane

Rightclick on one of the calendars or containers and choose Add Calendar and open a calendar

Enter the person and click ok

Open Outlook and open the calendar

Click open Shared Calendar


Enter the name of the person

Choose the right person and click open