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vpn-macOS (workaround)


This is a temporary Workaround if you use a Macbook on OSX 10.9 or 10.10.

After January 9.  2018 the CISCO VPN Client will be updatet if you connected to the vpn, but the new Version 4.5.02036 is not compatible with OSX 10.9 and 10.10.


You have to use the integrated VPN Service on macOS

How you add and configure the integrated VPN Service on macOS

Open System Settings go to the Network Settings

Create a new service

Select VPN as Interface

Select Cisco IPSec as VPN Type

Change the Service Name to ETH

Create the VPN entry

Now you should see the ETH VPN Entry

Now fill in
Server Adress:
Account Name: your ETH Login, same than you use for login to your Macbook.
Password: your Network Password, not the same as you use for for login to your Macbook.

Then Click on Authentication Settings

Fill out the

Shared Secret: find here
Group Name: ETHZ-spezial

Click on OK

Click on Connect

If your are Connected you will see the Status, Connection Time and IP Adress

If you need help or further instructions please contact us.

+41 44 632 06 06