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Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

General Information Adobe Creative Cloud is a personal license that is registered to the person’s name. If follows that only one license can be ordered (multiple orders are possible but make little sense). We will charge 70 Francs per year and license for Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps. Access to Adobe cloud storage and online […]

Adobe CC on Windows devices

Windows ID-S4D MTEC Managed Order the License from the IT-Shop Once the Order is completed, you will get an E-Mail from Adobe telling you that you now have access to all Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud Application, login with you will be forwarded to an Adobe ETH Login Page […]

Adobe CC on macOS

ID-S4D MTEC Managed Order the license from Software Shop according the general order procedure Once the order is completed, you will get an email from Adobe telling you that you now have access to all Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Install Adobe Creative Cloud App JAMF – ETH Self Service which will uninstall all existing […]

Adobe CC General Order Procedure

Follow these steps to order a new yearly Adobe Creative Cloud license or to renew your current subscription.   Go to the IT Shop and log in in the upper right corner Choose “Software & Licenses” Select “New Order” Select “Order Software” Search for “Adobe Creative Cloud” and select “Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps […]

Getting software from the Appstore

Some applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat are installed locally. If you need additional software, please contact us on  MTEC Service Desk for an installation. Some applications are provided on-demand by subscribing to them from the Appstore, the application self-service kiosk  

Standard managed applications

Our computers are delivered with a standard set of managed applications. The current catalogue of common applications is listed below. Applications are deployed and maintained using Client deployment systems Optional Applications Optional applications are installed as needed. For the installation, please contact us. Software Standard Package

Unmanaged software

Applications not available from Baramudi and the Appstore, as well as applications for private usage can be installed manually by the user, as long as: The application does not exist in the software catalogue The application is not in contradiction with the BOT The installation must be executed with the local administator account spadmin ETH […]

Office 365

Microsoft Cloud Subscription Order Cloud subscription The required cloud subscription can be ordered via the IT shop Open and login with your ETH username and password in the upper right corner Click on Identity and Access –> Cloud Subscription –> Microsoft Cloud Access. IMPORTANT: Persons with a dual relationship to ETH (students and employees) […]