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Home office

Forward your office phone to your (private) cell phones A configuration for call forwarding must always be made directly on the desk phone. When redirecting to an external telephone number, an additional “0” must be placed in front. Ex: 0079 123 45 67. Call Forwarding (for Open Stage 40) Select “Call Forwarding”  Select “Set a forwarding destination” and press OK Enter the destination number and press OK Select “Save&Exit” in the menu and press OK […]

Purchasing procedures

Approved IT Hardware We are continuously watching the hardware market and maintain a list of approved hardware. This hardware has been evaluated regarding our average use-cases as well as compatibility with our IT services and software. Please consult the following lists for approved hardware and accessories: Neptun Twice a year at the beginning of the semester there is a sales deal of discount laptops from Lenovo and Apple Order Procedure For purchasing, please contact us […]

Being abroad

You can be a long time away from the ETH with a managed Windows device. The power supply should work but you will need an adapter or different power cable. The warranty applies throughout the world. Personal data You can work offline with your files on the desktop and in the documents folder without ETH network. Synchronization You need to connect to VPN to synchronize data from RDS and from your local machine to your network […]