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Getting software from the Appstore

Some applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat are installed locally. If you need additional software, please contact us on  MTEC Service Desk for an installation.

Some applications are provided on-demand by subscribing to them from the Appstore, the application self-service kiosk


AppstoreRefresh the AppsView installed AppsRepair Apps

1.  When working on a managed windows PC click on the “” in the menu. You will be directed to the appstore via the Internet Explorer.

If you are not working on a managed windows PC, go to the Appstore  and log in with your nETHZ account. This can be done from any computer prior to going to RDS (doesn’t have to be done on “RDS”). 
You will need a VPN connection to ETH if you are outside the ETH network.

2. Search for the program you need, position your mouse cursor over the  sign and check the Remote Desktop checkbox in the appearing dialog to subscribe to the app.

3. Always read the application info by placing your mouse cursor over .

4. Now the apps need to be download and installed in order to be available on your system. In order to do that just hit the “Reload Apps” Shortcut in the Windows Menu.

Or: In the bottom right on your taskbar there is a small orange square icon which is called “Microsoft Application Virtualization Desktop Client. If you right-click on it you’ll see the following menu below. Click on “Refresh Applications”.

5. Your subscribed application will be available in your Start Menu after a few seconds. The first time you launch the application, the software will be streamed from the app-V server and the application will start as soon as the package has been fully loaded locally. Subsequent launches will me much faster. 


AppV-5 Client

Windows 10

The first one is a shortcut that shows up if you press the key.

This Link does not exist on the RDP server!

The second one is the App-V client itself.

Windows 8.1

The first one is located on your Desktop, Reload Apps shortcut

The second one is located in the start menu that shows up if you press the key and just type reload

You could ping them to the Taskbar or the Start Menu

The third one is the App-V client itself.

Scientific Application Servers (RDS Applications)

On the RDS it works similar to the Windows 8.1 Setup

Press the key. And click on the arrow
Search for Appv or go to M, Microsoft Application Virtualization Client

How to view the installed Apps

Search for the “Application Virtualization” and switch to the “Virtual Apps”

Here you can see your installed apps.

If you experience problems with an application, we will first ask you if you have attempted a „repair“.

If you need to repair one of the new App-V 5 applications, please open the Microsoft Application Virtualization Client from the start menu.

To repair an application, switch to tab „virtual apps“ and select „repair“.