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Check for Windows Updates

On computers managed by us, we manage and monitor the correct patch level. The only thing you have to take care is to follow the order to reboot your machine once new windows updates have been installed. Please reboot your system as soon as possible to activate security related changes for your system. Please note that when working outside of the ETH, you have to first establish a VPN connection to the ETH network. Below we […]

Add a program to autostart

Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R. Type “shell:startup” (without the quotes) in the “Open” edit box and click “OK.” If the shortcut you want to add to the “Startup” directory is available on the desktop, you can copy and paste the shortcut. Otherwise you can create a shortcut for the program in the directory. To create a new shortcut, right-click on an empty area in the right pane of the […]

Enable login by face recognition

Our new Windows Tablet Platform allows you to enable the functionality to login by face recognition. This feature can be very convenient, when you use your Windows Tablet without a keyboard since typing your password by on-screen keyboard is not very comfortable but also not very secure (it is easy to spy on your input). This feature can only be set up if you have the necessary hardware for it. This will not be possible […]

Local administrator account

You work with your standard user account for security reasons in order to protect your computer by preventing making changes that affect everyone who uses the computer, such as deleting files that are required for the computer to work or changing settings. When you are logged on with a standard account, you can do almost anything that you can do with an administrator account, but if you want to do something that affects other users […]

Installing local software and fonts

  In order to install software local on your computer you need admin privileges on your computer. For this, the account spadmin is used. Just leave the downloaded font/software in your “Downloads” directory and execute them there (If you tried to install software/fonts from another location except “Downloads” and received an error, copy/move the files to your “Downloads” directory and execute the software/font again). If a UAC prompt pops up use, the spadmin account to […]