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SWITCHconnect EDUROAM – surfing at universities around the world:

“Education Roaming” (eduroam) allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop. In just a few steps, they can surf the Internet free of charge via the local network of a foreign university and have access to the contents of their home organization. Typical registration formalities or guest access accounts are not required. Having started in Europe, eduroam has gained momentum throughout the research and education community and is now available in 54 countries. Outside the home organization, the usual username is replaced by “username @ my organization”.

E.g. login: (nethz username) Password: (nethz password)

(Please note: Not every university is a member of eduroam)

More information:

Using the local network of a foreign university

Request a guest account at your host university.

Free Wireless Service

Ensure that hotel bookings include free Wi-Fi. Otherwise, most hotel lobbies, hotel business centers and many restaurants offer free Wi-Fi.

Caution with Data Roaming Abroad

Smartphones like the iPhone can download data unnoticed. Here’s how: Various apps like Facebook, news portals and navigation software can be active without the user’s input. Mobile phones are often set by default so that certain programs automatically download data from the network. Push operations are also popular, for example, with emails, where the mail server actively sends received mails to the Smartphone. For this reason, data roaming should be deactivated by default.
Here’s how to find the option to avoid unnecessary roaming charges:


  1. “Settings”
  2. “General”
  3. “Network”
  4. “Data Roaming”

Android (HTC):

  1. “Settings”
  2. “Wireless and Networks”
  3. “Mobile Networks”
  4. “Data Roaming”

Swisscom offers various attractive data packages and cheap calling rates for worldwide surfing and calling. Find out about roaming charges and retain cost control when surfing abroad.
A comprehensive list of all rates when abroad can be found here:

Also available from Swisscom is the Data Roaming Cockpit:

The Data Roaming Cockpit is a website which you can access from your smartphone, tablet or notebook to define various settings for surfing abroad. This can only be performed once you’re already abroad. Find more information here:
Additional information about individual data packages can be found on the Swisscom website: