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Windows: Recover deleted files


A backup of the home directory is made daily by TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) with a 3 month retention time.
There is no backup for data stored on local disks.

Previous Versions

Additionally, 4 snapshots (checkpoints, aka previous versions) are taken on the home folders during 16 working days. As soon as a file of folder is modified or erased, its state at the defined previous point in time is kept and can be recovered by the user. The defined point in time are 08:00.11:00, 14:00, and 17:00. Use cases for previous versions are:

  • Files and folders unwanted deletion
  • File corruptions
  • Files overwritten

To recover from a previous version, right-click the overwritten or corrupted files and go to the “Restore previous versions”. In the pop-up window under the “Previous Versions” tab, you will find older versions of your file. To recover previous versions of deleted files or folders, right click the parent folder.

 Please note that one daily previous version is available for Groups Folders.