Author: Margreth Stammbach

Getting software

Our computers are delivered with a standard set of managed applications. The current catalogue of common applications is listed below. Applications are deployed and maintained using Client deployment systems Software Standard Packages Unmanaged software Applications not available from Baramudi and the Appstore, as well as applications for private usage can be installed manually by the user, as […]

Apple devices

Our Apple devices (laptops and desktops) are delivered with a standard set of managed applications and customized automatically to fit in our IT environment.  The current catalogue of common applications is listed below. Applications are deployed and maintained using a Client deployment system  Software Standard Package macOS Sonoma (14.x) Adobe Reader Adobe Creative Cloud Cisco VPN ETH […]

Scan to share (HP)

Sign in using your ETH card or NETHZ username and password Swipe right or tab on the small bar to change to screen Tab on the Quick Sets folder to open it Select the Quick Set you want to use by tabing it (optional) Adjust scan settings to suit your need   (optional) tab on […]

Share and delegate your mailbox

Delegate your mailbox Delegates are granted additional permissions, such as creating email messages or responding to meeting requests on your behalf. You can determine the level of access that the delegate has to your folders. You can choose a delegate in Outlook in the “File” tab, “Account Settings“, and then click “Delegate Access”, “Add” By […]

Email certificates

A personal user certificate is a digital file that is installed to your email application to enable secure email communication. With a certificate you are able to digitally sign your emails so the recipient can verify that the email was sent by you and the data is unchanged. Moreover you can encrypt your emails so […]

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a “collaboration” tool with audio/video telephony function. We recommend teams for everyday communication in smaller working teams.  Microsoft Teams is preinstalled on all Windows and macOS computers. On self-managed clients and mobile clients (e.g., Smartphones): To use Microsoft Teams you have to order the Microsoft Cloud Subscription in the IT-Shop (see the instructions). […]

Home office

Forward your office phone to your (private) cell phones A configuration for call forwarding must always be made directly on the desk phone. When redirecting to an external telephone number, an additional “0” must be placed in front. Ex: 0079 123 45 67.  Call Forwarding (for Open Stage 40) Select “Call Forwarding”  Select “Set a […]


Zoom web conferencing supports you in working, collaborating, communicating, teaching and learning online. Create your ETHZ Zoom licensed account Upon initial registration via, a Zoom Licensed account is automatically created. The account includes the following features: Hosting meetings with up to 300 participants No time restrictions for meeting Breakout rooms Polling Get assigned as alternative host […]

Phishing and mail spoofing

What is phishing and spoofing email? Emails are referred to as phishing, e.g. try to steal passwords or spread a virus on a computer. A phishing email can be, for example, a fake invoice or an attractive offer. It often requires immediate action to get you to fill out a fake form, click the link […]

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