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Windows: Recover deleted files

Backup A backup of the home directory is made daily by TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) with a 3 month retention time. There is no backup for data stored on local disks. Previous Versions Additionally, 4 snapshots (checkpoints, aka previous versions) are taken on the home folders during 16 working days. As soon as a file of folder is modified or erased, its state at the defined previous point in time is kept and can be recovered by the user. The defined […]

macOS: Recover deleted files

To restore a deleted file follow the guide below: 1. Open Finder and go to “Go‐Connect to Server”. Enter the server path to your drive: e.g. smb://d.ethz.ch/users/all/your ethz username/.snapshots 2. You can now get an overview of different drive versions stored on the server. The name of the folder symbolizes time of backup. With drag and drop you can copy an entire backup to the location of your choice. Double‐clicking on a backup copy, allows […]