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Email certificates

  • A personal user certificate is a digital file that is installed to your email application to enable secure email communication. With a certificate you are able to digitally sign your emails so the recipient can verify that the email was sent by you and the data is unchanged. Moreover you can encrypt your emails so that only your intended recipient can access the content of the message.
  • Certificates can be ordered in the ETH network (or connected to the VPN) on the page:

Further instructions:


How can I see if an email is signed?
The message is marked with the symbol red ribbon or lock. When you open the message you can see the information that the message is signed

Can I also send signed emails with a shared mailbox
Yes, user certificates are also available for a shared mailbox after activation.
What does a certificate cost?
Purchase of user and TLS/SSL certificates from QuoVadis is free of charge for ETH members. IT Services bear the costs. 
How can I order a user certificate?
How can I add my user certificate to my email client?
How can I add my user certificate to Webmail?
This function is not yet available
How can I add an additional email address to my user certificate?
Unfortunately it is not possible to extend the created certificate. The old one must be revoked and a new one issued.
Where can I order a certificate for a shared mailbox?
You can send us the email address of the shared mailbox and we will create the certificate for you. After the certificate is created you will find it in the PKI portal
How can I sign my emails with my ETH email account in Gmail?
This function is not yet available
How do I sign and encrypt on an Apple iPhone or iPad?
How do I sign and encrypt emails on a Samsung Galaxy device?
How can I encrypt a message
The sender and recipient must have a certificate installed otherwise the email can’t be opened.

While composing a new an email message, choose “Options” and select “Encrypt”. Compose your message, and then click Send.