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Share and delegate your mailbox

Delegate your mailbox Delegates are granted additional permissions, such as creating email messages or responding to meeting requests on your behalf. You can determine the level of access that the delegate has to your folders. You can choose a delegate in Outlook in the “File” tab, “Account Settings“, and then click “Delegate Access”, “Add” By default, when you add a delegate, the delegate has full access to your Calendar and Tasks folders. The delegate can […]

Email certificates

A personal user certificate is a digital file that is installed to your email application to enable secure email communication. With a certificate you are able to digitally sign your emails so the recipient can verify that the email was sent by you and the data is unchanged. Moreover you can encrypt your emails so that only your intended recipient can access the content of the message.   Certificates can be ordered in the ETH […]

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a “collaboration” tool with audio/video telephony function. We recommend teams for everyday communication in smaller working teams. Available Features Audio and video meetings Telephone dial-in to online meetings Chat File and screen sharing Advanced features Team spaces / channels Integration in Microsoft Outlook (estimated availability t.b.d) To use Microsoft Teams you must first register, then install the application. Order Cloud subscription The required cloud subscription can be ordered via the IT shop Open […]

Phishing and mail spoofing

What is phishing and spoofing email? Emails are referred to as phishing, e.g. try to steal passwords or spread a virus on a computer. A phishing email can be, for example, a fake invoice or an attractive offer. It often requires immediate action to get you to fill out a fake form, click the link to a fake website, or open an infected attachment. The goal of e-mail spoofing is to fake the sender of […]

Mail filter with Mailcleaner

The Mail Filtering Service scans incoming emails for spam, phishing, malware and scam messages. Incoming emails passes through the filter gateways before it reaches the mail servers. The filtering service is called MailCleaner. This is a Swiss product that runs on our servers and is already in use at other Swiss universities. MailCleaner provides an individual quarantine for each of your email addresses and a web interface to access your quarantine and manage your filtering preferences. […]

Room Reservation

HIL F 25.2 Room Reservation   This documentation is about the room reservation in HIL F 25.2 , its apply for all meeting room, just  change the room name  just the name is different. The new calendar is called HIL F25.2 Sitzungszimmer. You will find it in your Outlook under «All Rooms».   How to add the Room Calendar in Outlook Switch in Outlook to the calendar view. Go to “Open Calendar”, click on the […]


The mailbox is composed of Mail, calendar, Contacts and Tasks. It is available on all current web browsers and mail clients. It has a well organised design and it is closely connected to the following services: Spam filter for mail Mail archieving (find archived emails older than 30 days) Telephone answering machine Further instructions Mailbox – Technical Description Mailbox – Terms and Rules Mailbox – Service Administration Mailbox – Quotas Mailbox – Virus Scanner Mailbox […]

Shared mailboxes

If you need to have a shared space within Outlook/Exchange for collaborative work with incoming e-mails or calendars, you can request a shared mailbox from us which can be accesses simultaneously from multiple persons. How to connect a shared mailbox Once you received access to a shared mailbox please follow theses steps to attach this mailbox to your outlook: Outlook 365 A shared mailbox named D-MTEC IM EDX is used in this example, please replace […]

Outlook calendar functions

You can share a calendar with a person or a group by selecting the icon for “share calendar”.  or  Start sharing Click on “To” to select the person or group with whom you want to share your calendar. A group can be a team (eg. a group distributionlist D -MTEC ISM) or a project group. Ev. the group distribution list must be set up be for this purpose. Adjust permissions Click on Calendar permissions to […]

Room mailboxes

Booking a room You can schedule a room while creating the invitation for a meeting: In Outlook go to “Calendar”, click “New Meeting”. In the “Room Finder” at the right border choose the room list for MTEC and the appropriate time in suggested times. Choose the room in the list of available rooms. For moderated rooms  you can send a reservation request to the Calendar Managers Group and your request has to be accepted. For all […]

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