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Code Versioning and Repository

In case you would like to use a code versioning system and repository, we provide you an ETH global GitLab platform:

Simply log in and start creating your projects and developer community.

It uses the common versioning system GIT

Why should I use a code versioning system?

In case you are progressively working on source code or different forms of documentation (like Latex, DocBook, etc.) as well as structure binary data files a version controlling system could be helpful for you.

  1. The system tracks every single change and you can revert to an earlier version or see the difference?
  2. You can maintain different development branches in different direction and later merge changes together in a final version
  3. Your code is centrally maintained and and can be access globally by your team.

Configure your Client computer to work with GIT/Gitlab

Later, we will post a generic way to use the GitLab on our managed clients. Currently simply contact us to get detailed information or assistance.