Cost centres and Chairs

Account Head Group Description IT Kontakt
09762 Barrage, Lint  CLENEC Energy and Climate Economics  
06036 Berchtold, Thomas ITS IT-Support MTEC  
02239 Bergmann, Bastian Risk Center ETH Risk Center  
03877 Bommier, Antoine IRME Chair of Integrative Risk management and Economics  
03905 Brusoni, Stefano TIM  Chair of Technology and Innovation Management Axel Zeijen
03765 Clarysse, Bart ENT Chair of Entrepreneurship  
03840 Egger, Peter CAE Chair of Applied Economics: Innovation and Internationalization  
03539 Filippini, Massimo EEPE Chair of Energy and Public Economics Tobias Wekhof
09564 Finger, Robert AECP Chair of Agricultural Economics and Policy  
03681 Fleisch, Elgar IM Chair of Information Management  
03729 Gersbach, Hans MIP Chair of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy Sebastian Zelzner
03356 Grote, Gudela WOP Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology  
03695 Hoffmann, Volker SUSTEC Chair of Sustainability and Technology Niklas Stolz
03719 Krogh, Georg von SMI Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation  
03988 Köthenbürger, Marko PEC Chair of Public Finance  
09768 Lee, Barton E.  PEDEM Political Economy and eDemocracy  
09501 Netland, Torbjorn POM Chair of Production and Operations Management  
02869 Perich, Robert SSPG Swiss School of Public Governance  
02120 Pless, Swantje MTECSEKR Sekretariat MTEC  
09704 Renold, Ursula CES Chair of Education Systems  
03494 Schmid, Petra OB Chair of Organizational Behavior  
03682 Schweitzer, Frank SG Chair of Systems Design Georges Andres
Giona Casiraghi
Luca Verginer
03716 Sturm, Jan Egbert EAM Chair of Applied Macroeconomics Tolga Coban
03818 Wagner, Stephan SCM Chair of Logistics Management  
03995 Wangenheim, Florian von MKT Chair of Technology Marketing