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Apple devices

Our Apple devices (laptops and desktops) are delivered with a standard set of managed applications and customized automatically to fit in our IT environment.  The current catalogue of common applications is listed below. Applications are deployed and maintained using a Client deployment system  Software Standard Package macOS Sonoma (14.x) Adobe Reader Adobe Creative Cloud Cisco VPN ETH […]

Linux overview

This site describes the Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Desktop. Please select your topic in the following list. Login information Basics of the Ubuntu Desktop Applications in General Office Applications Connect to the Windows Terminal Servers (RDS) Connecting to the ETH Home-Directory and ETH Group-Shares Configure Thunderbird to use the ETH Mailserver and Calendar Connecting to RDS […]

Purchasing procedures

Approved IT Hardware We are continuously watching the hardware market and maintain a list of approved hardware. This hardware has been evaluated regarding our average use-cases as well as compatibility with our IT services and software. Please consult the following lists for approved hardware and accessories: Approved hardware Approved accessories Neptun Twice a year at […]

Windows: Personal data

Accessing personal data Your usual data and network shares are available when you log in with your nethz-account from any managed computer and from any RDS node. Your home directory will be mapped to the same network drive as you are used to. Additionally, you can map any CIFS or SMB Network share the same way […]

Being abroad

You can be a long time away from the ETH with a managed Windows device. The power supply should work but you will need an adapter or different power cable. The warranty applies throughout the world. Personal data You can work offline with your files on the desktop and in the documents folder without ETH network. […]

Local administrator account

You work with your standard user account for security reasons in order to protect your computer by preventing making changes that affect everyone who uses the computer, such as deleting files that are required for the computer to work or changing settings. When you are logged on with a standard account, you can do almost […]