Author: Thomas Berchtold

Synchronize Matrix Chat Rooms

Synchronize your D-ITET Matrix Chat Rooms to the central Matrix Chat Server You can instantly make your desired chat room on your D-ITET matrix chat server available on the central matrix chat server. This is required since the D-ITET matrix chat server will be discontinued. This steps below are necessary to establish the “Federation” (synchronization) of your current D-ITET matrix chat rooms between your D-ITET matrix chat rooms and the central matrix chat server:   […]

Windows Update and “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

The appearance of the new, aggressive Ransomware called “WannaCry” has been mentioned throughout the mainstream media in the last few days. The worldwide impact was high but fortunately a security engineer found a kind of kill switch to disable the outbreak. Experts expect a second wave of infections with a modified version of the malware.   Until now we carefully checked our environment and toke countermeasures against further similar attacks.   Since this malware uses […]

Code Versioning and Repository

In case you would like to use a code versioning system and repository, we provide you an ETH global GitLab platform: Simply log in and start creating your projects and developer community. It uses the common versioning system GIT Why should I use a code versioning system? In case you are progressively working on source code or different forms of documentation (like Latex, DocBook, etc.) as well as structure binary data files a […]

Using external Cloud Services

If not else confirmed, any data, uploaded on an external cloud provider, gets basically stored in a data center that can be located everywhere on the world. This aspects collide with the ETH compliance regulations that describes some stipulations regarding different classes of data. A further aspect of using external cloud providers is, that a direct dependency exists with an external provider which may lead into a lack of control over the data on your […]