Author: Thomas Berchtold

Synchronize Matrix Chat Rooms

Synchronize your D-ITET Matrix Chat Rooms to the central Matrix Chat Server You can instantly make your desired chat room on your D-ITET matrix chat server available on the central matrix chat server. This is required since the D-ITET matrix chat server will be discontinued. This steps below are necessary to establish the “Federation” (synchronization) […]

Code Versioning and Repository

In case you would like to use a code versioning system and repository, we provide you an ETH global GitLab platform: Simply log in and start creating your projects and developer community. It uses the common versioning system GIT Why should I use a code versioning system? In case you are progressively working […]

Using external Cloud Services

If not else confirmed, any data, uploaded on an external cloud provider, gets basically stored in a data center that can be located everywhere on the world. This aspects collide with the ETH compliance regulations that describes some stipulations regarding different classes of data. A further aspect of using external cloud providers is, that a […]