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I am a student of ETH Zurich

Delete all profiles of the ETH Wi-Fi networks; public, public-5, eth, eth-5, eduroam, eduroam-5.


Reconnect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network and use the login <username> and your current network password. Select the option “connect automatically”.


In case of bad performance – in auditoriums and seminar rooms with many simultaneous users – connect with the same login, but with eduroam-5. Do NOT select the option “connect automatically”.


I am an employee of ETH Zurich

Delete all profiles for the Wi-Fi networks public, public-5, eth, eth-5, eduroam, eduroam-5, unless they are automatically configured by your IT supporter.

Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network eduroam (automatic, mobile on the go) or eduroam-5 (manual, stationary working place).


For your private devices:
Now use <username> and your network password (=VPN password) for the login.


For your business equipment financed by ETH Zurich:
You can use the same login as for your private devices (<username> If you have received a specific <net> for your business network zone from your responsible IT support, the login would be as follows: <username>@<net>


Note that authentication on the wired network is also affected by the change. There are also devices that automatically connect to the network using other methods, e.g. MAB or certificates. These do not need a login and therefore do not need any adjustment. Contact your IT support for further information.


I am an employee of an ETH-related organization

The same rules apply as for guests of ETH Zurich. If you do not have an IT administrator at ETH Zurich, please contact your contractual partner at ETH Zurich or the IT Services Service Desk.



Further instructions

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