Author: Ali Daker

Wired network

You can connect to the wired network with the blue network cable. If you have a Open Stage telephone, you can connect the network cable directly to the phone instead of the UTP connection in the wall. In your office there are several UTP connections, but not all are working. If you need additional connections or […]

Room Reservation

HIL F 25.2 Room Reservation   This documentation is about the room reservation in HIL F 25.2 , its apply for all meeting room, just  change the room name  just the name is different. The new calendar is called HIL F25.2 Sitzungszimmer. You will find it in your Outlook under «All Rooms».   How to […]


polybox is a Dropbox-similar ETH on-campus storage.  The service offers 50 GB of storage on the ETH storage facilities. The service is available to all ETH members and is free of charge. Please note that polybox is not a functional substitute for the ITS NAS service. In particular, synchronized folders should never contain the original file. The […]

Backups & Archiving

About NAS Backup On ETH NAS (Network Attached Storage) daily backups are drawn. Filesystem Snapshots Daily snapshots of files are taken on ETH NAS shares. Snapshots can be seen as a daily copy of files at a random time Snapshots are kept back for 6 days. Files from snapshots are directly recoverable by the end […]

Group Data

The purpose of the group folder is to provide a limited storage space for data that are common to the whole group. the Data is located on the ETH network attached storage (NAS)   Group drive of BAUG-IBI / known as G: drive or “common” share. \\\baug_ibi_common_1\BV \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\BV   \\\baug_ibi_common_1\IBI \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\IBI IBI \\\baug_ibi_common_1\IC \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\IC […]

Home Drive and Profile

User profile and data location   Folder Redirection and Offline Files are used together to redirect the path of local folders (Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Links, Pictures and Videos)  to a network location “\\\baug-home$\%username% “, while caching the contents locally for increased speed and availability. The different elements of your profile are stored and managed in […]


I am a student of ETH Zurich Delete all profiles of the ETH Wi-Fi networks; public, public-5, eth, eth-5, eduroam, eduroam-5.   Reconnect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network and use the login <username> and your current network password. Select the option “connect automatically”.   In case of bad performance – in auditoriums and seminar rooms […]