polybox is a Dropbox-similar ETH on-campus storage.  The service offers 50 GB of storage on the ETH storage facilities. The service is available to all ETH members and is free of charge.

Please note that polybox is not a functional substitute for the ITS NAS service. In particular, synchronized folders should never contain the original file. The recommended procedure is to edit files at their original location and make a copy in the sync folder which can then be placed in polybox.

The polybox service offers no backup. However, you can recover deleted files with the Web Client (note the instructions at the bottom)

polybox access

Please note that the Desktop Sync Client is disabled on the Remote Desktop Servers. Use WebDav access for this purpose.

polybox with WebDav

Polybox can be mounted just like any other share using webdav (web distributed authoring and versioning).

This is the URL to access polybox: https://polybox.ethz.ch/remote.php/webdav/



You will be asked for your credentials – login with your nethz-username and password.


Mac OS X

Using the URL above, polybox can be treated like any other network share:

  • Go to Finder
  • Select “Go”>”Connect to server…”
  • Enter URL and select “Connect”

After you connect you will be asked for your credentials – login with your nethz-username and password.


Desktop Sync Clients


polybox is already installed on all managed clients.


Mac OS X

polybox is already installed.

Private device

For your private device log in to your polybox at http://polybox.ethz.ch and find the different clients under your name / email address when you select “Personal”.


Further instructions

ETH Zurich polybox

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