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Windows: Map network drive

Accessing Shares

Open “File Explorer” next to the “Start” button.


Select “Computer”. In order to connect to a folder click on “Map network drive” at the top of the window. Alternatively you can right click on “This PC” in the sidebar and select “Map network drive…”.

A new window pops up where you can enter the path to your network drive into the “Folder” field.

The shares usually are composed of the follow path “\\\groups\MTEC\chair”. You can find the shares in the Group public drive

Click on “Finish” and the newly mapped network should appear in the sidebar.


 If you are prompted for username and password, authenticate with your ETH user name. Please activate the check-box Remember my credentials.

Disconnect a network drive

Open the file explorer

Click on “This PC”, choose the drive that you want to disconnect with the right mouse button and choose “disconnect” in the context menu.