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Home Drive and Profile

User profile and data location  

Folder Redirection and Offline Files are used together to redirect the path of local folders

(Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Links, Pictures and Videos)  to a network location “\\\baug-home$\%username% “, while caching the contents locally for increased speed and availability.

The different elements of your profile are stored and managed in different ways:

  • User data elements

Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Links, Pictures and Videos. These elements are synced to your folder redirection folder on the file server \\\.
This make is sure that your data are available when your computer is disconnected. the Fileserver is backed up every night with a retention time of 3 months.
The data quota is 20Gb per User

  • Data we do not Sync to the File-server (Music, Downloads, Search results, Games, History and Temporary Internet Files)

These elements are excluded from your Folder Redirection. They are not synced to the file server at logoff and they remain on the computer under C:\Users where they have been created. There is no backup for these not critical data.

Home Folder

The Home folder can be used for storing work related files that you classify as “private” or “confidential”. your own data are protected by your password.
the Data stored on the NAS.