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TIK ssh jumphosts

A short introduction to our 2 following SSH-jumphost   To enhance our security a bit, normally, SSH is closed from outside of the ETH to our main network ( Please do use our VPN or our 2 following SSH-jumphost: – ssh fingerprints: 256 SHA256:W43HEHZqTF+u8IPyFvsYyMUvqxd1B7b6+xCtrc4Q8fs jump2tik (ED25519) 2048 SHA256:+DeEXlFJELGTsjr7VN9vZZPJWZvLTNIpNMsqwHnpYUc jump2tik (RSA) 256 SHA256:ydLCtMZMprTnmiNqXVo0sk4QrEWw1vpLgiCxheAD2OQ jump2tik (ECDSA) […]


What is Cygwin? Cygwin is an emulated Linux Distribution running on Windows. Cygwin essentially consists of a Dynamic Link Library which provides substantial parts of the Posix Application Programming Interface. You are not able to run native Linux applications with Cygwin, although there is a big repository of applications which have been rewritten by the […]