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Academic applications

Application Description
Course Catalogue
Publication listing the range of courses available and the catalogue of lecturers. Available in German and English.
eApply Application for a study programme at the ETH Zurich
eDoz For all lecturers at ETH Zurich. Available in German and English.
myStudies For all students at ETH Zurich and auditors. Available in German and English.
Room Request Search and reservation of rooms managed by the Rectorate. Available to employees and lecturers of ETH Zurich in German and English.

Further instructions

Website “Academic Applications”

Back office applications

The so-called “back office applications” are provided for the administrative offices of the Academic Services and the Study Administration Offices. The Study Administration Offices may use the applications via the Citrix server only. In order to use the applications, personal accounts must be requested. Currently, there are the following applications (in German only):

Application Description
LISETHpro Student administration; in German only
LKW Performance assessments, assessment planning and students’ final documents; in German only
Sempro+ Room reservation, scheduling and lecturers’ data; in German only
ZULETH Admission of applicants for a Master´s or MAS programme; in German only
Mobility Online Student exchanges – In- und Outgoings
Statistics of grades in German only

Citrix Installation

You can subscribe to the Citrix Receiver in the App Store

You need access to one of the Back-office applications?

Please contact Lehrbetrieb-Support


To logon to the Citrix farm, you must enter “d\user name” and the email password. off-campus you need VPN access to access the Citrix farm. 

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