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Windows Update and “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

The appearance of the new, aggressive Ransomware called “WannaCry” has been mentioned throughout the mainstream media in the last few days. The worldwide impact was high but fortunately a security engineer found a kind of kill switch to disable the outbreak. Experts expect a second wave of infections with a modified version of the malware.


Until now we carefully checked our environment and toke countermeasures against further similar attacks.


Since this malware uses a weakness of common Windows systems to remotely infect new machines, it is important to install the latest Windows Updates;


On computers managed by us we take care about and monitor the correct level of Windows updates. The only action you have to take care about is to reboot your system as soon as possible when Windows asks you.


Please also take care about your personal and private windows computers and install the latest updates. You can get further information from this topic:


For further assistance please contact us via or by calling 20606.