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Apple devices

Our Apple devices (laptops and desktops) are delivered with a standard set of managed applications and customized automatically to fit in our IT environment.  The current catalogue of common applications is listed below. Applications are deployed and maintained using a Client deployment system  Software Standard Package OS (10.15) Adobe Reader Adobe Creative Cloud Cisco VPN Dropbox ETH Printers Firefox Flash Player Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Microsoft Remote Desktop MS Teams Office 2016 Polybox Skype Sophos VLC Self […]

macOS: Recover deleted files

To restore a deleted file follow the guide below: 1. Open Finder and go to “Go‐Connect to Server”. Enter the server path to your drive: e.g. smb:// ethz username/.snapshots 2. You can now get an overview of different drive versions stored on the server. The name of the folder symbolizes time of backup. With drag and drop you can copy an entire backup to the location of your choice. Double‐clicking on a backup copy, allows […]

Connect to a remote folder (macOS)

In the Finder, choose Go > “Connect to Server.” Type the network address for the folder in the Server Address field: NOTE: For Mac-Os Version prior to 10.6 you need the UNC path (according NAS nomenclature)   Enter your user account in the authentication window. Be sure to match the form d\nethz username (can be entered by pressing shift-alt-7).  

Add a printer (macOS)

Please note: Printing a page in color costs your chair 6 Rp/page, while a page in Black&White costs 1 Rp/page only!! Please also have a look at There, you can make a webprint and also check your printing costs, even the environmental costs of your print activity! In Mac OSX, you can use the utility called “ETH Printers”. If you are using a department computer, this application is already installed. On private computers you can […]