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Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

General Information

Adobe Creative Cloud is a personal license that is registered to the person’s name. If follows that only one license can be ordered (multiple orders are possible but make little sense). We will charge 70 Francs per year and license for Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps.

Access to Adobe cloud storage and online services that keep data in the cloud is restricted as much as possible in consultation with the CISO of ETH Zurich and the legal office. ETH Zurich does not currently offer third party cloud services for work use. Users will find that File Sync is disabled and cloud storage not available from within Adobe applications. Data sharing is not possible and all online services that keep user data in the cloud are deactivated. We will inform users in detail. Since it is impossible to turn Adobe’s cloud storage off completely, there will be a disclaimer that has to be accepted when ordering the product ETH Zürich Adobe Disclaimer

The only software that will be made available with Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps is a preconfigured installer for Adobe’s CC Desktop App. After installation with admin rights the user will be able to install or uninstall all available Adobe applications and keep them updated without admin rights. Users will also be able to install applications directly from the Adobe website.

Home use on private devices for work at home is permitted.

Further instructions