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 Our printers provide 3 different scan functions:


  1. Scan to mail
  2. Scan to share
  3. Scan to USB
Scan to MailScan to ShareScan to USB

If you have to scan a book or many pictures it’s better to use the “scan to share” function.

Mail attachments are limited to 12MB. If the attachments exceeds this limit, it will send multiple e-mails.

Press the “scanner” button on top

Select the entry of the recipient, if it exists:

Press “manual entry” for a temporary recipient or to create a new entry

Type in your e-mail adress and save it with the “OK” button

Place your document, press the “Start” button.

If you want to save your email address press “Prg. Dest” button

Press the “OK” button

Enter the display name of the entry, press the “OK” button

Press the “OK” button

Now you will see your entry on the screen

Select it and press the “start” button

Remove your document.

Press the “scanner” button on top

Press the “folder” button 

Select your chair folder

Optional you can modify the “default scan settings”:

Original type setting

Resolution setting

Scan size setting

Edit setting

Original feed type settings

File type / name settings

To submit your scan job press the “start” button:

Press the “home” button in the bottom

Press “scan to USB” button

Insert usb-stick

Place document.

Press “start” button.


Press “#” button to finish.


Remove usb-stick and original.