E-Learning Platform

  • Description

  • is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Learn the latest tools and techniques with access to 1281 and counting video courses from expert instructors in fields of 3D, audio, video, photography, graphic design,

    web and interactive design, business, and development. Signing up

  1. Enter following URL in your web browser:
  2. Type in the URL and click Continue. You will been redirected to ETH’s sign-in portal.
  • 3. On appearing ETH Zürich Login side, you see a short description of the service as well as your information will been provided to the Service when proceeding.
  • Down the page, click Accept.

4. Choose your appropriate option

5. Choose course language. Click Save.



6. Now you have signed up and you will see the starting page of course portal. Signing in

As you have done the sign-up steps above, you can click Sign In button on
The website will remember your organization’s name and redirects you to ETH Zürich Login page.

According to your private settings on ETH Zürich Login page, you will been signed in directly to