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Forward your office phone to your (private) cell phones

A configuration for call forwarding must always be made directly on the desk phone. When redirecting to an external telephone number, an additional “0” must be placed in front. Ex: 0079 123 45 67. 

Call Forwarding (for Open Stage 40)

  1. Select “Call Forwarding” 
  2. Select “Set a forwarding destination” and press OK
  3. Enter the destination number and press OK
  4. Select “Save&Exit” in the menu and press OK

different instructions for Optipoint 500 (german only) 

Configure PC

Owners of managed laptops may only need to forward the telephone, as the devices are already set up for use in the home office.

Devices in the ETH network are subject to the Use Policy for Information and Communications Technology at ETH Zurich (BOT) and must have all security patches and an up-to-date virus scanner installed.


A VPN connection is only necessary if access to resources and services is required which can ONLY be accessed within the ETH network. Most applications are normally accessible via the Internet.

List of applications that require a VPN connection

  • Network drives (NAS)
  • Netcenter
  • Daylight

Instructions for the installation and configuration of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client


The mailbox can be accessed directly via web browser

Setting Up Your Email

Network drive (NAS)

Access to the NAS requires an active VPN connection (see above).



For questions regarding online teaching and meetings please consult Zoom

MS Teams (Office 365)

For questions regarding MS Teams and OneDrive please consult Microsoft Teams (Collaboration)

Home Office Wiki

The official Home Office Wiki can be found on Information sheet “working from home”