HERDT|Campus E-Book Platform


HERDT|Campus gives access to the full set of of over 700 digital books (PDF-Files) provided by the HERD press covering more than five hundred topics about information technologies (IT).
For example, you can find compendiums about Windows, Office, CAD, ECDL, SIZ, business, programming and web design, IT-Management or Databases.

As member of academy ETH Zürich, you get free full access to these resources.
After signing up, you are able to order and download your desired books as PDF-documents for personal learning and education purposes.


HERDT|Campus Signing up

  1. Enter following URL in your web browser: https://herdt-campus.ch/signup
  2. Fill-in your name, surname and your ETH-mail address.
    Define and repeat your password. Click green Registrieren button.

3. Within a few minutes, you receive a confirmation-mail of your registration.

4. Now you can sign in on https://herdt-campus.ch/ with your E-Mail and password..


Download your books as PDF-Files

  1. When signed-in on https://herdt-campus.ch/, choose your books and click PDF Download.


  They will been added to your basket 

  2. Click green button Zum Download in your basket.


  3. Click Bestellung bestätigen.

  4. Here you see your order overview. Click Meine Downloads in the green box.


  5. A list of all your ordered books will showed. Click one by one Download-Button

to save your books as PDF-Files.


  Already downloaded files could been re-downloaded later on.


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