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Group Data

The purpose of the group folder is to provide a limited storage space for data that are common to the whole group.
the Data is located on the ETH network attached storage (NAS)


Group drive of BAUG-IBI / known as G: drive or “common” share.

\\\baug_ibi_common_1\BV \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\BV  
\\\baug_ibi_common_1\IBI \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\IBI IBI
\\\baug_ibi_common_1\IC \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\IC Innovative and Industrial Construction
\\\baug_ibi_common_1\IM \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\IM Infrastructure Management
\\\baug_ibi_common_1\IMS \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\IMS Intelligent Maintenance Systems
\\\baug_ibi_common_1\SC \\\groups\baug\ibi\common\SC Sustainable Construction



The following table summarize the available shares
 \\\baug_ibi_common_1 ‎\\\groups\baug\ibi\common‎ Group drive of BAUG-IBI / common share G:\
 \\\baug_ibi_homes_1 \\\groups\baug\ibi\homes User Home-Drive P:\

Redirect directory of Desktop, Documents, Favoirtes, Links, Pictures and Videos (default space: 20 GB per user)

\\\baug-uev$ Directory to store Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) settings to preserve unified environment settings
over multiple Windows devices when user is signing in with his ETH-account on multiple ETH domain joined machines