ETH start for guests

Set passwords

You have received an automatically-generated ETH user name and initial password. You must set your passwords at Self Service → Change Password. You have to choose different passwords for network (VPN, WLAN), email and web applications. You have to select the password in the column “select” that you want to change:

Connect WLAN

You can connect to SSID eduroam/eduroamt5 if you have received a guest user account.The username looks like this: If you are a guest for some days you can login to the SSID public and register and authenticate at the landing page that shows up automatically.

If you are not sure to which realm you belong, you can check it here

Realm Network name Login name Password
for students  eduroam/eduroam5 <ETH username> ETH network password
for employees and longterm guests eduroam/eduroam5 <ETH username> ETH network password
for  guests public
  • ETH network password

Connect to a printer and load balance

You have to connect to the print server \\ with “d\<ETH username>” and the ETH password for email. You can find detailed instructions for Windows and MacOs

As the print services are available only for a fee, students and guests are not allowed to print unless an employee transfers balance with the print tool at


If you have received a mailbox with your guest account you can access your emails at with your <ETH username> and your ETH password for email. You can find further instructions for other mail clients here: