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What is Cygwin?

Cygwin is an emulated Linux Distribution running on Windows.

Cygwin essentially consists of a Dynamic Link Library which provides substantial parts of the Posix Application Programming Interface.

You are not able to run native Linux applications with Cygwin, although there is a big repository of applications which have been rewritten by the active open source community of Cygwin.

How do I get Cygwin?

You don’t have to install Cygwin by yourself because we automated the installation and its updates.

Just let us know by writing an E-Mail at or via the phone +41 44 632 06 06

How am I able to install additional packages?

After the initial installation you have the base of Cygwin and a few selected packages.

You are able to check the install packages by entering cygcheck -c -d in the Terminal.

Now in order to install additional packages you need to run the file C:\cygwin64\setup-x86_64.exe as local Administrator.

You can click Next in the installer until you arrive at this Window: 


First off you have to change the View dropdown menu to Full

Now you are able to search for the desired package but don’t press Enter after you typed its name.

You are now able to toggle which version you want by clicking in the New column on the desired packages.

How to display an X11 application which is running on another computer?

You can achieve this with X-Forwarding over SSH.

All required applications and settings on the side of your computer are set.

Note that the remote computer must be properly configured!

To establish the connection type ssh -Y Username@Hostname into the terminal.