Author: Raffael Nussbaumer

Ultimate X-Forwarding Guide

This guide aims to illustrate different possibilities on how to X-Forward an x11 application to either a Windows, OSX or Linux client. Windows Cygwin 1. Create a Ticket at your IT Support Contact and ask them to install Cygwin and an automatic Update Job for its packages on your Windows client. (You can ask them […]

Installing Cisco AnyConnect Client

Open firefox and head to To login use you network credentials: $ and your network password (Used for VPN and WLAN). Replace $Username with your ETH account name. Click on start now and download for Linux. Choose save file. Open Terminal. Head to the location where you saved the file. Execute the bash script(type […]


What is Cygwin? Cygwin is an emulated Linux Distribution running on Windows. Cygwin essentially consists of a Dynamic Link Library which provides substantial parts of the Posix Application Programming Interface. You are not able to run native Linux applications with Cygwin, although there is a big repository of applications which have been rewritten by the […]